Black Soap with Organic Argan Oil. Body Scrub, Skincare for Body. Expand

Black Soap with Organic Argan Oil. Body Scrub, Skincare for Body.



  • Made in Morocco using a Traditional formula, which requires complete use of 100% natural ingredients, which are naturally biodegradable. Our African Black Soap prepares the skin for exfoliation. The skin will be softer and ready for a scrub. Combined with the action of the loofah glove, it will remove impurities and dead skin.
  • Our Body Scrub for Hammam contains high levels of skin nourishing, Pure Argan & Olive Oil, making our Moroccan Soap, moisturising and replenishing for the Skin.
  • This Organic Black Soap is ideal for very Sensitive to normal skin types. Supports the treatment of Eczema , dry skin, and in specific cases, damaged skin.
  • Thanks to it exfoliating and moisturizing properties, it softens and nourishes the skin. It does not foam but becomes creamy when you add water.This makes the black soap mild and provides a very creamy gentle soap lather.Contains no synthetic ingredients, no preservatives, Parabens, SLS, Detergents.

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This exceptional Black Soap is enriched with cleansing and purifying essential oils. 

Delicately fragranced, it rids the skin of toxins leaving it perfectly soft, revitalised and healthy. 

Argan, eucalyptus, essential oils also provide a wonderful feeling of relaxation and well-being. 

Using our Traditional formulated Moroccan Black soap will helps condition damaged skin, and is effective in supporting the treatment of eczema, acne, dark spots. 
DIRECTIONS:Shower: massage our Black Soap of Morocco into wet skin, rinse then scrub vigorously with brush or glove. Rinse with cool water and continue scrubbing to eliminate dead skin cells to reveal healthy, vital skin. Can replace a normal soap or shower gel. Leaves skin super soft. Bath: Apply to body with your hands then scrub vigorously with brush or glove. Removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation leaving skin supple, soft and firm. Tip: Try the scrubbing with a dry loofah glove on warm damp skin (not wet skin). Use circle motion then wash off all dead skin. Dry and moisturize with argan oil or your body lotion. A weekly exfoliation is recommended. INDICATIONS: Removes dead skin (the rough and dry outer surface). Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells, making our skin softer. The exfoliation increases the blood and lymph circulation. With its anti-microbial proprieties Moroccan black soap is rich in vitamin E. Highly advised to relieve itchy backs due to an excess of dead skin and clogged pores. Ideal to reduce in-growing hair.After the scrub your skin is ready to better absorb your next skin care treatment - whether its a mask, moisturizing or tanning.

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