Huile d'Argan Pure et bio - Sérum pour Le Visage, Les Cheveux et le Corps riche en Vitamine E- Soin hydratant et réparateur Expand

Organic Oil - Pure Argan Oil. Vitamin E Oil Moisturiser against Stretch Marks - Body Oil, Face Oil, Hair Oil Moisturising oil



HIGHEST QUALITY Virgin Argan Oil 100% Pure EcoCert Certified Organic. Moroccan Ancient Beauty Secret Produced Organically.

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100% Pure Argan Oil from the kernel of the Argania Spinosa Tree.

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Size:80 ml

Premium Quality of Moroccan Oil. Experience the power of this Organic Oil, our Pure Argan Oil! Why this oil is for you? :

Crocodile skin, tight feeling skin, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin, dry hands and feet, brittle and split hair ...

Sound familiar? We have all had enough! This Bio Oil is a pure Argan oil and is what you need. You will regain the lost elasticity of your skin, a firmer and more toned body! Less pronounced and more flexible Facial features And shinier and healthier hair. The incredible moisturizing power of this oil will amaze you.  

Organic Argan Oil* This precious oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree that has grown in Southern Morocco for hundreds of years. It has spectacular soothing and antioxidant properties.  

The good side of our oil is that it is multi-purpose, one can make oil baths, mix it with your conditioner, or you make small face creams, body or hair according to your needs. It's known to be an excellent hair oil and to be used as an hair treatment.  

Quality: first cold pressed, 100% natural

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Anti-cellulite Oil & Slimming Oil / Natural Body Oil With Argan Oil and Essentials Oils. Firming Body

  • OUR FIRMING OIL SLIMS THE SILHOUETTE, Sculpts And Models The Waist, Buttocks And Thighs.Our Anti Cellulite Oil Intensely Stimulates The Process Of Burning Of Fatty Cells. Intense Serum Reducing Fatty Tissue.
  • OUR OIL FOR BODY TREATMENT TIGHTEN The Skin And Minimize Appearance Of Cellulite. This Firmer Effectively Combats Stubborn Cellulite. Our Body Oil Intensely Moisturises, Smoothens And Firms Your Skin.
  • OUR SLIMMING OIL ELIMINATES FAT Around Abdomen Area. It Has Organic Ingredients So They Are Safe On Skin. It Contains Anti-Oxidants That And Mixture Of Elements That Prevent The Formation Of Fatty Cells Which Gives Cheesy Cottage Appearance To Skin.
  • OUR MASSAGE OIL WITH ARGAN OIL IS EFFECTIVE TO GIVE YOU SMOOTH, Toned And Supple Skin. This Skin Care Product Removes Stored Lipids And Prevents The Build-Up Of New Ones.

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